Shipping Setup

To setup your shipping provider types and shipping rates, go to Taxes & Shipping.

Shipping Provider Rates:

Taxes & Shipping > Shipping Providers.

Click Create New.

To create a shipping provider, the following fields are required:

Provider Name is the name of your shipping provider along with its shipping method.

For example: UPS Ground.

ShippingCost is a fixed cost that will be added on top of the regular shipping cost for this provider. You can thing about this as handling fees.

If you do not wish to add a handling fee, enter 0.

Click Create.

You've now created a shipping provider rate!

When your customer checks out, the shipping providers on the checkout page will be updated by the address they enter.

In order to determine which providers will be shown, navigate to:

Taxes & Shipping > Shipping Providers Areas.

From here you can add new areas.

Once your customer enters their shipping address, the appropriate shipping providers will be displayed.

To set a shipping rate for a product, navigate to:

Taxes & Shipping > Product Shipping Rates.


The total shipping rate your customers will be billed is the summary of all of the products they purchesed along with your handling fee.

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