Storefront Overview

The primary purpose of the storefront is to advertise products or services offered, allowing them to be purchased online.

The first area of the storefront to modify is the store logo. A storefront without a main logo can look plain and be confusing to visitors. Most websites have a general logo, commonly customized to fit the design. The logo can be uploaded by navigating to Design Settings -> Change Store Appearance in the admin area.


The navigation menu of the storefront shown above is also common, because it allows visitors options on the main page to easily guide them to specific locations of the online store. Visitors can return to the homepage of the store from the navigation menu once they have begun browsing, user accounts can be accessed, additional products viewed according to their category, and more. The navigation menu can be customized to link to various pages of the administrators choosing.


The next area to take into consideration for changes is the body. Here images, descriptions, and links can be added to provide visitors more information about the online store, advertise promotions, display products, and more. The body can also be customized by navigating to Content Management -> Custom Pages in the admin area.

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