Website Startup Guide

There are many steps involved with starting an eCommerce website. The following are some key steps to help create a successful online storefront:

1. Register a domain name - This should be the first step taken because it will be the website that customers visit to view and order the products and services. A domain name that relates to the business and its products specifically should be chosen.

2. Select a merchant account and/or payment gateway - With ShopSnap as the chosen eCommerce platform, choose the software for the shopping cart to start accepting payments. Currently ShopSnap integrates with and Paypal as credit card processing gateways. Depending on the payment gateway chosen, you may need to also setup a merchant account beforehand.

3. Add Categories, Products, and Product Images - Choose Names for these that best relate to the products and/or services offered. Categories allow the customer to narrow down what they are looking for.

4. Pick Shipping Provider(s) - With most eCommerce stores, there is a shipping cost associated with ordering online. Setup the rates associated with ordering the products according to their weight or based off specified flat rates.

5. Add Content

6. Design

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