Sync to Quickbooks

Use QuickBooks as your accounting software? Your ShopSnap online store is capable of synchronizing customers and orders with QuickBooks Online.

Here is how you can set up integration between ShopSnap and QuickBooks:

In QuickBooks online, create a new application. We called ours ShopSnap Connector, but, you can name yours according to your preference.



In the Application Settings screen, set the domain of your store.

Under the Keys tab, copy the keys from your application.




Place them into your ShopSnap Settings screen.



Remember to make sure your QuickBooks application is placed into production by selecting the Production tab.

To synchronize orders, please select “Sync Orders to QuickBooks Online” from your ShopSnap’s Shortcuts menu.



From the next screen click “Connect to QuickBooks”



After you have logged in, you will have to authorize your connector application.



The next screen will ask you for the orders you wish to synchronize. You can select specific orders, or all of your new orders.



Click the “Sync” button.



In your QuickBooks application a new customer has been created.



The customer is showing their ShopSnap store order under the Transactions tab.



Clicking a transaction will show you its details.


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