Change Store Appearance

This purpose of this section is to customize the look and feel of the store. Several themes are available to choose from to adjust the design of all store pages at one time. Customization of colors, fonts, and the store logo are able to be selected here as well.


From the admin area top navigation menu, go to Design Settings > Change Store Appearance. 

Changing the store theme: 

The following themes are currently available:

Select the the theme desired and click Install. Once the theme has been changed you can view the store from the top navigation menu.

Upload the store logo

Choose from saved files to select an image to apply as the store logo and click upload. The store logo can also be deleted from this section.

Changing the store fonts and colors:

Use HTML code in the fields below to customize fonts and colors of the store.

Upload a custom theme:

Upload a custom coded theme file to the store.

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